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Accountants are always True and Fair

The accused had appealed against a confiscation order on the grounds that his previous agents had failed to instruct a forensic accountant and that he had been inadequately represented. He had been a director of a company importing tropical hardwoods and had been convicted of an offence that led to his receiving the customary Statement of Information. The appeal focussed on five main areas, of which his director's loan account with the company had been one needing forensic accountancy examination. It was clear that the external accountants, a large and well-known firm, had certified accounts that contained many errors and that the director's loan account had been significantly misstated. At the original confiscation proof a partner in the accountancy firm had confirmed that the accounts were accurately prepared. When examined by our forensic accountant, this was found to be untrue. The appeal hearing was put off and the defence solicitors did not advise me of the outcome.