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Adamson Forensic Accounting Ltd

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David Adamson >  

"An expert went on learning more and more about less and less until he knew everything about nothing." 

 NOT SO - In our work, as our experience grows, we learn more and more about more and more. 

In 1996 David Adamson CA first assisted defence solicitors as an expert witness accountant in criminal proceedings. After many years as a partner of a firm of Chartered Accountants in Edinburgh, he set up Adamson Forensic Accounting Ltd in 2006 to specialise in litigation support.


From 2006 until 2013 we were part ofthe Network of Independent Forensic Acountants, and David Adamson is a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI). Normally the company has 15 to 20 forensic accountancy cases in progress, and around 350 cases had been completed by the end of 2013.